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The Crafts concentration focuses on two areas of emphasis, ceramics and fiber design. Art majors may focus on one area or the other or combine the two media in their studio exploration. Craft majors who earn a BFA are prepared to continue to graduate school, enter industry, or open their own studio with the conceptual approach, the design skills, and the techniques acquired in this degree program.

Ceramics curriculum builds upon the foundation courses in three-dimensional design and gives students the opportunity to expand beyond the tradition of ceramics. Beginning ceramics students master handbuilding, throwing techniques, and surface decoration while developing strong craftsmanship. Advanced ceramics students gain expertise in glaze-making and various kinds of firing processes. Trips to dig indigenous clay in the hills of Mississippi and the re-creation of a Native-American pit firing are special activities with enthusiastic participation.

Fiber Design
Fiber studio courses present opportunities to explore both structural processes such as off-loom and on-loom weaving, papermaking, and book arts as well as surface design techniques in dye-painting, printing, and resist processes. The fiber curriculum is designed to allow beginning fiber students an introduction to all the textile processes so that they may concentrate on one or two areas in the advanced courses. Recently, an interesting component of the fiber program has been the design, creation, and installation of site-specific fiber sculpture on the DSU campus by students working in groups.
Students in the crafts curriculum are presented opportunities for field trips to museums and artists studios and encounter guest lecturers who speak about their involvement in the field. Both areas educate students on the historical and contemporary ideas and forms in ceramics and fiber. Crafts majors are expected to complete a Seminar and Thesis course under the guidance of a studio instructor and exhibit the final studio work in a Senior Thesis exhibition in the Wright Art Center Gallery.